Thursday, November 22, 2012

First Day With The New Sneakers

Happy Thanksgiving anticipation of the calorie overload that will be the biggest part of this day, I decided to get my new running program started.  Woke up with an abundance of energy, so perfect day for a run.  Until I saw it was only 29-degrees outside.  Sigh...treadmill it is.

Since my last post, I have been doing 100 Ups and Toe exercises at random intervals. This morning I did my doctor-provided achilles and calf stretches and...walked.  A slow quarter mile, then I ran a brisk quarter mile on the balls of my feet...and then I walked for a mile.  Feels so very lame to do it like this, but am determined to go slowly to get this right.  In fact, I'm not going to track my run time at all, just the distance and overall time.  At least until I get to where speed is a consideration...maybe when I work up to a "barefoot" mile and a half.  We'll see.

As for my PureConnects - I ran without socks this time to get a feel for the shoe.  They are both snug and roomy in all the right places, but felt some spots across the top of my foot and on one heel heating up, so will try with thin socks next time.  These sneakers are light and minimally padded, and overall it was a good first experience.

Progress Report -
  • Walk .25 mile
  • Run .25 mile
  • Walk - 1 mile
Total distance - 1.5 miles
Total time - 27'17 (I wasn't kidding about taking it slowly)

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