Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hitting Goals By Accident

OK...if you read my July 4th post, you know I set a goal and missed it for my most recent 5K.  I even told people before the run that I wanted to finish in less than 27 mins...and I don't usually share before.  All in all, not the most motivating thing I've ever done, but not the end of the world either.

Well today I went outside for a run in a new place...I had walked the route a couple of days ago to make sure I could get 3+ miles out of it.  I got up early, it was gorgeous outside, and I ran.

I didn't check my pace,  instead I just ran for the feel good pleasure of running.  Some inclines - nothing too heinous.  Some other runners and bikers - but no need to weave or adjust.

Just me, my sneakers, some music and a good mood...resulting in a one minute improvement and one of my best 5Ks in about 15 years!

June 23rd 5K - 27:04
July 4th 5K - 27:23
Today's No Pressure 5K - 26:22

Image Source:  One Step at a Time blog

Have no idea why really, so the only take away for me is this:

Set goals, but don't worry if you miss them, there's always next time.

So, until next time...

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