Monday, July 23, 2012

Another Catch Up Post

Today is Monday.  My last post (Wed) covered the joys of walking for 3 miles in not quite broken in boots and my first truly barefoot run.  You would think I would have learned a little something from that experience...and you would be wrong. 

Thursday I spent the day in my boots (work necessity), but did not walk 3 miles or run (blister on the right sole necessity).  Friday, I spent the day in boots, but that night I went out to a Festival in Herrenberg, very happy to do some minimal walking and wine drinking, but no running.  Saturday it rained most of the day, but I did find a short period where the sun broke through and went for a quick run WITH my Vibrams strapped securely to my feet.  No warm up, and a short cool down walk, because the rain cut my run short.  Sunday was a sightseeing day in Stuttgart, plenty of walking, but no running.

So, we're back to Monday.  Feeling good, blisters gone, wearing my super soft moisture wicking socks with my what do I do?  I go on another 3 mile walk, at a much faster pace!  Surely, my boots are broken in by now...right?  No.  I ended another day with blisters raising on the back of my heels.  This might be a good time to mention I have an above average IQ, but I'm not sure you would believe me.

Monday night, I did some casual walking into the city center of Sindelfingen just to have dinner and walked back.  No run, nothing touching the backs of my heels, and no other work out.  Not sure this Germany thing is good for my running, but other than foot issues, I am actually having fun.

Progress Report 
  • 15'37 run (approx. 1.5 miles)
  • 6'12 walk (approx. .25 mile)
Total Mileage - Approx. 1.75 miles

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