Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Shoes!

After some research on the magical Internet, I decided to go with these Saucony Kinvaras for the Half.

Image Source:  Eastbay website

Billed as a neutral, light weight running shoe with a 4mm heel to toe drop (i.e., not an over the top padded shoe and not intended to "correct" gait problems).  The Kinvaras are designed for people interested in a minimalist shoe, but not really ready to commit.  They have more padding than my Brooks PureConnects, but not as much as the Nikes I had been running in for the previous decade.

There is some reviewer criticism for not being able to put a ton of miles on them - 300-500 miles is the general expectation.  Looking at my training schedule I only anticipate running about 200 miles in them including race day, so hopefully that won't be an issue.

For now, the Kinvaras feel light, have plenty of room in the toe box, and allow me to transition between a heel and forefoot strike with ease, which I did on today's run.  I could live without the Miami Dolphin color scheme, but my only other option was Pepto Bismol Pink...sigh...

Half Marathon Training Progress Report (From Thurs) -
  • .25 mile walk
  • 1.5 mile run (10'00" pace)
  • .25 mile walk
Total Distance - 2 miles
Total Time - 24'17"

Half Marathon Training Progress Report (Today) -
  • .25 mile walk
  • 2.5 mile run (10'00" pace)
    • .75 mile was done with a forefoot strike
  • .25 mile walk
Total Distance - 3 miles
Total Time - 34'15"

Train Like You Fight Note:  I ate my Race Day breakfast of granola, almond milk and chicken sausage about an hour before I ran.  Not a good idea...not sick, but just didn't feel right.

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