Monday, December 10, 2012

Early Morning Workout

I have to say, getting out of a warm, comfy bed to run on a treadmill in a cold basement room, does not rate high on my list of Fun Things To Do. But it was a necessary evil, because I indulged in an alternate workout yesterday.  It's true, I slapped on some boots, pulled my hair back and...went shopping at the Mall.  I know, I know...two weeks before Christmas!  At a Mall!  What was I thinking!?!?  It wasn't quite this crowded, but it was definitely a complete bust as I walked out empty handed.  It took way too long, made me cranky and ate up my planned workout time.

Image Source:  The Gripe blog

Anyway, this morning's conditioning routine was the same. Walk/Run/ notice that I'm not complaining about my treadmill?  Still basking in positivity, which is in part due to the Christmas season, which, despite my Mall Fail, I love.

Progress Report -
  • Walk .25 mile
  • Run .25 mile
  • Walk 1 mile
Total Distance - 1.5 miles
Total Time - 24'41"

Really excited about next week because I'm increasing the run to half a mile (keeping the over all distance the same)

Disclaimer - Spell check says "positivity" is not a word...but I say it is, or at least it should be!

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