Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Good Runs Make Everything Better

Work today was a challenge.  But all the irritation faded away as soon as I began to run.  Just ahhhhhhhh....melted away...and that, more than anything else, is the point of running.

I started training about sixteen weeks ago and now I am counting down to the Half! Twelve days to go, although this is not nearly as momentous as counting down the the end of the world, it is still exhilarating!

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Yesterday I went to knock out 3 miles with my running club.  I started at a comfortable pace (10:30 pace) and ran the hills (had walked the last couple of times per doc's orders). Miles 2 and 3 were just under 11 mins, but was taking it easy and chatting with my running mates.  The hills felt effortless and I added an extra mile at the end...faster than usual (9:35 pace).  The best part is I really wasn't pushing, it felt great!

Every run like this makes me feel like the Half is going to be cake.  It won't be, but I feel like it will and that mental readiness is essential to this run.

Half Marathon Training Progress Report (Tues) -
  • 4 mile run (10:26 pace)
    • About half a mile done barefoot style
    • Last mile faster than normal
  • 2 min walk
Total Distance - 4.06 miles
    Total Time - 44:22

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