Monday, May 6, 2013

8 Miles...Is It Enough?

Honestly, I have no idea.  If you remember, in April my last 8 mile run led to a visit with the foot doc and took me off my training program for three weeks.  So I was rather nervous about attempting this distance again...even with a brace.

Very happy to report that on Sunday I ran eight continuous miles at a slow, but reasonable pace...with hills.  There was an awareness of my tendon last night and today, but no swelling or pain.  I iced last night and stretched really well this a.m.  I'm also taking doc prescribed anti-inflammatories.

Fueling wasn't quite what I had hoped.  I had water with me and a few Honey Stingers, but even with that the last half mile was a bit of a challenge.  The recommended amount for Honey Stingers is 5 - 10 per hour.  I ate one at the the 2 mile mark, another at the 3 mile mark, and a third at the 5 mile was surprised when 7.5 miles hit and I had to talk myself into running the last half mile.  Clearly, more work to be done in the fueling arena.
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By the way, I like the Nativas Naturals Power Snacks, but they are a little dense for carrying and eating without water.  So, I keep them in my desk drawer to fend off the hungry horrors just before lunch and late afternoon...I like the Citrus Chia the best.

Next step, talk to Janice who just completed the Pittsburgh Half Marathon this weekend. Discussing her race strategy will give me a better idea of if I've done enough...if I'm up to the challenge.  Wish me luck!

Half Marathon Training Progress Report (Sunday) -
  • .20 mile walk
  • 8 mile run (11:07 pace)
  • .87 mile walk
Total Distance - 9.07 miles
Total Time - 1:50:37

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