Sunday, May 19, 2013

Half Marathon? Check!

I planned for it, I trained for it, I ran  It was early and drizzly and humid, but absolutely worth the effort of the previous four months!

As of this afternoon, I feel great.  No ankle issues, no blister issues, no pain issues of any kind...but will definitely be stretching before I go to bed tonight!

Mile 5 was my fastest - 9:07.  Mile 11 was my slowest - my defense that is where Janice and I encountered the dreaded Hospital Hill.  On average my running pace was 11:57.  We missed our goal of 2 hours 30ish minutes, but it was great just to know that I could do it.

Hopefully more pictures soon....

Next up - My first 10K race (a little over 6 miles).  

After that, back to increasing my distance in my Brooks PureConnects.  I saw enough runners in Vibrams, to remind me barefoot running is my ultimate goal.  I really want to be able to run any distance I choose in a minimalist way that is easier on my joints and supposed to be more efficient for my body.

Life is good!

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