Saturday, August 25, 2012

Doctor's Orders

The appointment is done.  The Good News is no breaks or stress fractures.  The Bad News is no running for a while and there's no way I'll make it to my race.

So here's the long version with visual aids:
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Issue #1 - Foot Pain - I was worried about a possible stress fracture in one of the right side metatarsals.  X-ray says "Nope, try again."  My doctor identified the problem as a bone bruise of the cuboid (outer right side or right foot, over my arch).  Apparently striking on the ball of the foot (with minimal padding) causes this bone to pronate or flex in a new direction. Remember these feet have been heel striking in built up running shoes for many, many years.  But this is essentially a case of TMTS....despite the fact that I am only up to 2 miles after 3 months! Recommended Solution - Rest...and padded running shoes {groan}.  Not even being barefoot in the house {double groan}!
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Issue #2 - Tight achilles tendons some mornings.  According to my Doc, this is a result of the extra work my calves have been doing.  Recommended Solution - Better stretching, daily.

Issue #3 - PAIN left of center on my heel after the Burke Lake Run/Walk.  This is a developing bone spur, clearly visible on my x-ray.  How did that happen?  Well according to my friend at WebMD "Bone spurs also form in the feet in response to tight ligaments, to activities such as dancing or running that put stress on the feet...", which is essentially what my Doc said, but I couldn't remember exactly.  Recommended Solution - Better stretching, daily massage at the point of the pain and ice afterwards for 10 mins.

So, if I follow my Doctor's orders of no running for a few weeks and incorporate the stretching and massage, I should be able to walk in my cushioned running or hiking shoes.  However, I will bring that walk tempo back down to a more normal (but brisk) walking pace.

Because I can't do NOTHING at all!  Double negative, but you get what I mean.

My Doc is clearly not a fan of Vibrams, but she said "if you're going to do that" to ease back into it and stretch my calves and achilles tendons.  So I will get rid of the pain.  Then I will try to work even more slowly back into running...still in my Vibrams.

Crazy? Maybe...but I've never been defeated by my body before (pun intended), so going to give it another shot.

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