Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tomorrow's The Day

For my podiatrist appointment, not my race.  I have been walking only for almost 2 weeks now and feel fine.  Some of that walking involved schlepping my son's stuff up and down stairs as I delivered him (for the first time) to VA Tech, and some of it involved marathon shopping for school clothes and supplies, and some of it involved my treadmill.  The treadmill days resulted in the slight tightening of my heels (but no bottom of the foot pain) in the mornings.  One day the really sore spot on the back of my right heel flared up for no apparent reason.  And my foot twinge (outer right foot) is almost non-existent, but makes itself known if I pivot on that foot.  I actually considered running today, just to see what would happen tomorrow...but, probably not the smartest thing...

Wish me luck!

Disclaimer - Not my toes, but crossed for luck anyway!

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