Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What About Walking Form in Minimalist Shoes?

I'm convinced that some of my current foot issues have to do with the walking part of my walk/run/walk strategy.  While the Vibrams are designed for you to NOT run on your heels, it's really impossible to walk without a heel strike, especially when you're doing it quickly.  There is essentially no heel padding in Vibrams.  So, the dreaded heel strike that you're trying to avoid by running on the balls of your feet happens every time you walk!

I'm off the running thing per doctor's orders, but on the walking thing, in padded running shoes.  Not excessive and not every day...4.5 miles on Sat (4 days ago) and 1 mile on Mon - walking with Rex the Wonder Dog and my lovely daughter.  But feel that this is a good compromise for now.
Image Source:  Hive Health Media

In his blog, Barefoot Running University, Jason Robillard mentions walking as part of an extreme distance strategy and acknowledges that a heel to toe stride is part of that.  Not to avoid injury, per se, but more to give your poor legs something different to do over the distance.

Not giving up, but will still share what I learn and let you know when I'm giving minimalist running a second (verrrrryyyyy slow) try.

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