Monday, August 13, 2012

Interesting, But Not in a Good Way

Yesterday (Saturday)  my right heel was bad.  Not the bottom, just the back and off center.  It was "make me walk funny" tight, and the spot itself was very tender to the touch.  However, by dinner time I could walk normally without pain and had no pain at all today, not even in the early a.m.  The right foot twinge is there, but barely and not painful.  No other aches in my arches or calves.

Today was a walking around day (shopping with the kiddos) no issues during or after.  Was tempted to run tonight, but held off.  I don't want to admit quite yet, that I may be off running for a bit, so I'm trying to be good...but I am also still holding out hopes for my race in Oct.

I still do my toe exercises when I'm standing in the house or have my feet propped up, it's odd how the small toes are so dependent on each other to move.  If you haven't noticed that, just try to move any of them one at a time...go ahead, try it!
I may just go for an easy walk tomorrow...that can't be too bad, right?

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