Sunday, June 3, 2012

Barefoot Running Injuries

They happen if you're not gentle enough with your transition.  This article is getting some play in the press.  It cites an increase in barefoot (or minimalist shoe) running injuries, but each of them is tied to TMTS.
Image Source:  Barefoot Runners Society

I'm still not sure if I have an injury or not.  I have been wearing flats and spending as much time truly barefoot as possible.  I had a pain free day so I ran...on the treadmill, which we all know is not my favorite.  I think slow, straight and level is still important at this point, will let you know what my foot thinks about that in the morning.

Progress Report - Three Rest Days.  Doing toe strengthening exercises at random intervals each day.  Today was a total of three miles in motion, which is part of my game plan for working up to the 10k race in Oct.  Stretches, 1/2 mile walk to warm up, 1 mile run which became a 1.5 mile run because everything felt so good.  No tight calves, no sore foot, nothing bad, so I kept going.  Wrapped it all up with a 1 mile cool down walk.
  • 1.5 miles - 16'10 (10'45 per mile)
Total Mileage - 3 miles

Disclaimer - Definitely not my legs!

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