Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Fitness Test is Today?!?!?

Actually I found out about the test around 11:00 last night, mostly my fault...but that's a different topic.  So, I'm dealing with a foot twinge issue and I have to run longer than I have run so far in my toe shoes.  I did know my Fitness Test was coming up, but thought it was two days from now.  A couple of weeks ago I was considering making the test my first 1.5 mile barefoot run, but not after taking almost a week off to baby my foot.  Nothing to do but strap on my Nikes and hit the road.

The first thing I noticed was the walking in my sneakers felt like walking with pillows strapped to my feet...comfy.  The second thing I noticed was that my right foot didn't twinge when running, I'm sure it's because I wasn't on the balls of my feet.  I had settled in for a "done this a thousand times" run, and didn't monkey around with my foot strike at all.

No calf issues, but my hamstrings got a little tight and my shins complained later this afternoon.  Could they be protesting the "unnatural" running style?  Or could my body just be reminding me that I'm not 23 anymore?  Could easily be both!

Progress Report - All in all a slow run with no issues.  I did keep to my training regimen of stretching and three miles in motion.  Finished my run, walked the course again, and ran the last few minutes on the balls of my feet.  I felt the sore spot that time, but it didn't hurt.  We shall see what tomorrow brings.
  • 1.5 miles - 14'57 (about 10 mins per mile in traditional running shoes with heel strike)
  • less than .5 miles - 3'46 (same shoes, midfoot strike)
Total Mileage - 3 miles

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