Saturday, March 9, 2013

First Race!

The 2013 Four Courts Four Miler is officially history.  My run was too fast in the first half (all downhill) and too slow in the second half (back uphill).  But my goal was to maintain a pace between 10'00 and 11'00 mins per mile and I did exactly that!

For a minute or maybe two I wasn't sure this race was going to happen for me.  It was kind of a comedy of running partner (also my boyfriend) signed up for a different race accidentally, but, decided to run anyway to help pace me.  Then I was late getting there, because I cut it too close and the metro took FOREVER to show up.  Finally as I was rounding a corner, I bumped into a leprechaun, dropped my iPod (only 3 months old) and the screen shattered!  Those little guys are not so lucky.  Thankfully it still worked, because the thought of running the race without music did not make me happy.

We actually started the race about 4 mins after everyone else (because I absolutely could not run without a bathroom stop).  My last mile was a challenge and too ugly to even share that split time with you.  It involved hills, too many quick walking breaks, and the determination to not let one particular woman cross the finish line in front of me...which she did not.

We ended up having a fun "recovery" at the Four Courts Irish Pub and got my iPod fixed while we had lunch.  All in all a great morning.  Hitting today's milestone, especially after my horrible training run, makes me feel like the Half is definitely within reach.  As for this race, it was a lot of fun.  In fact, next year, I might dress up...we'll see...I am Irish after all!
Image Source:  Swim Bike Run Photography

Half Marathon Training Progress Report -
  • 4 mile run (10'34 pace)
Total Distance - 4 miles
Total Time - 42:13

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