Friday, May 18, 2012

Hot Spots or Blisters Yet?

I haven't put many miles on my shoes yet, but I have been wearing them almost every day for close to two weeks.  I'm happy to say I have nothing to report as far as any discomfort or raw spots or anything indicating I will get blisters as I add mileage.

When I first tried on my Vibrams Five Fingers KSOs, I suspected the back of the shoe would be a problem.  Specifically, where the loop attached to the collar of the shoe, right about where the band aids are pictured.  I am happy to report that at this point in my training program, my feet are boo boo free.

Image Source: Wedding Planners Institute of CanadaPhoto Credit:  Danielle Andrews Sunkel

Progress Report - Evenly pain free calves.  Today is a Rest Day.

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