Monday, May 28, 2012

Six Non-Running Days in a Row

Ugh, that's all I can say.  Taking it slow stinks! On my Rest Days, I paid attention to my feet.  When did I get a twinge?  When didn't I? Could I adjust to not feel the twinge?  And here is what I discovered. Wearing flats or being completely barefoot is comfy (I normally wear heels to work).  I have a new awareness of my toes as I spent the week wiggling and stretching and grabbing with them to strengthen those muscles.  Walking straight and level was no problem.  Stairs gave a twinge the first couple days, but not in the last few.  Anything that caused me to pivot or lean in a direction (turning around, walking around a corner) produced a twinge (in my right foot) every time.

But I really couldn't wait any longer!  So keeping in mind, straight and level was fine, I returned to the dreaded treadmill today.

Progress Report - I planned to run for a 1/2 mile, but ended up running the entire mile slowly.  Felt good!  I did the usual routine, stretching now includes getting up on my toes and trying to wiggle them independently as recommended in video in the Week Feet? post.  Then I walked in my Vibrams for a slow mile, ran for a slow mile and walked again for a cool down mile.  By the end of my running mile, my foot was fine, but my calves reminded me that I had take almost a week off by getting very tight toward the end of the run.  By the time the cool down was over my feet, my calves and I were all happy.
  • 1 mile - 12'00
Total Mileage - 3 miles
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