Sunday, May 13, 2012

One Week in My New Minimalist Shoes!!!

Cue the fanfare, release the doves!!!  And now the fireworks!!!

Yes, I realize that one week is just a drop in the bucket considering there are about 20 weeks to go until the Race for the Parks 10k.  But it's a solid week of putting one foot in front of the other, and that's the only way you get from Point A to Point B.  No peanut gallery comments about bikes or cars, please.  Just go with it...

Progress Report - Today is Mother's Day.  I enjoyed breakfast in bed, a gift from my wonderful children.  After I got out of bed, I did a set of 100-Ups, slowly with good form to work out the slight tightness in my calves, and went about my day.  This afternoon Rex and I walked for a mile, then I ran for a half mile, walked a half mile home and called it a day.  The beauty of this conditioning phase is that it really doesn't take too much time.  No excuses!
  • 0.5 mile - 5'00
Total Mileage - 2 miles

I will post a Week 1 Training Summary in a bit.

Disclaimer - I am getting a little faster and that does make me happy.  For now, I'm attributing that to my calves not aching like they did on the first few runs, rather than the actual running technique.

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