Monday, May 14, 2012

My Treadmill Scares Me

Treadmills are a necessary evil to get through inclement weather today.  I bought one a couple years ago and have used it, but I'm always afraid this will happen to me:

So far, I've managed to avoid killing myself.  I definitely prefer to run outdoors, even though it's harder to judge distance.  So, today's "lesson" is don't be so strict about each day's work...a little farther or a little longer in time, either way more is more.

Progress Report - Today I stretched and ran a half mile on the dreaded treadmill.  It took me 5'50 to do that, way slower than my outdoors runs.  My calves were tight, but I really didn't like that time.  So I walked the tightness out for a quarter mile, then ran for another quarter mile, which took 2'40...much better.  Keeping TMTS in mind, I walked for a mile as a cool down.  Once again, I feel like I could of gone farther and faster, but this is still a conditioning phase.
  • 0.5 mile - 5'50
  • 0.25 mile - 2'40
Total Mileage - 2 miles

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