Wednesday, May 23, 2012

An Unusual Ache

After yesterday's run, I didn't have any real discomfort, but an odd sort of a tightness in the outer right side of my right foot here

This morning when I woke up it felt bruised, I was surprised that there wasn't any discoloration.  Walking caused some discomfort, but not pain.

Mentally reviewing my run, I have a tendency to land on the outer ball of my foot.  Also, a few times my step went from ball to heel rather firmly, but only with the right foot.  My trail is not completely level and has a stretch of gravel in it with rather treacherous stability.  Nothing conclusive, but jotting it down in case someone is having a similar experience.

So, what to do?  Today is a Run Day, but I will make it either a Rest Day or a Walk Day depending on how I feel this evening.  I seriously hope that 1 mile is not TMTS, but will listen to my body and update you later.

Disclaimer - Perfect time for my yet to be determined tag line...{sigh}...

UPDATE:  No bruise, but still tender.  No pain walking in my flats, but some discomfort when I walked on stairs.  Still not sure why, but no run or walk tonight.

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