Friday, May 11, 2012

My Biggest Barefoot Running Fear

My Biggest Barefoot Running Fear

Can I be honest here?  Feet are kind of ugly.  I have never really been a fan.  My feet are normal, no weird toes or hair or anything, and I always, ALWAYS have polish on my toenails.  I don't see "foot model" in my future, but I seriously hope I don't have "neanderthal foot" in my future either!  One of the results of barefoot running is that the soles of your feet get tougher.  Nobody looks at the bottom of your feet, so that's OK, but what if it doesn't stop there?

After some soul searching (and a couple glasses of wine) I decided that if at any point I feel like I have to wear shoes to the beach, just so I don't frighten small children, I am done.  You may ask, "But, Susan, what about the health benefits?"  Done.  "What about the being one with the earth?"  Whatever...done.  "But, what about setting an example for your daughter?"  I want her to have pretty feet too...done!

As for now, until I see the first signs of neanderthal foot, I'm shooting for October's 10k...

Disclaimer - Those are not my real feet.

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